How boring are you?

It’s just occurred to me that I’m really really REALLY boring!

Here’s my evidence:

. always eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every single day (one banana for breakfast, one apple and a slice of cheese for lunch)
. have a bath every evening
. only ever order Latte from the coffee places.
. too scared to deviate from a big mac at mcdonalds
. don’t really like pubs anymore
. find cities too busy and noisy
. never go on holiday
. made this thread

Hopefully someone else here is a right boring bastard too

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I’m watching bake off and reinstalling windows. I will go to bed at 10.


Liking routine doesn’t make someone boring.

Same here, except I’m not watching bake off

thanks marckee, nice of you to try!

But let’s say somebody said to me “what’s new?” or “what have you been up to this week?” unless they want to hear about me recording stuff or drawing I have nothing to tell anyone.

I’m so boring. I just float around not really having any particularly strong opinions. Everyone has heard all of my stories, and I don’t do anything to generate any new ones. If I was a colour I would be greige.

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Drawing and recording sound pretty damn interesting to me!




oh I do have some strong opinions so I guess that’s something

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  • like cycling, but doesn’t cycle
  • have stayed in the same job/company for 13.5yrs
  • have predictable daily habits
  • don’t really do much apart from drink beer, eat food and watch TV
  • monotonous voice
  • bit anal about being on time and sticking to instructions/rules
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well it’s more often “hmm that thing looked/sounded cool I wonder if I could do something similar/steal this little bit here or there” etc

I could join in with this but I know if someone accused me of being boring I’d fight them to the death.


although I did once have the idea of edible dice like hard boiled sweet things that you could use for boardgames then eat at the end. Somebody may have done this now but it was pre-internet so I thought of that one myself.

Shit that’s boring too :frowning:

thanks pal I guess

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Everyone thinks they’re boring, I imagine. You have to spend time with yourself ALL THE TIME. The extent to which I feel really elated and proud of myself when I manage to hold a decent conversation probably suggests I’m fairly dull

I’m a lot more boring than I used to be, that’s for sure.

it gets easier/more fun to be boring as you get older though don’t you think?


this is a good point. Not the you being dull bit though

did you do a vocaroo bit?

Think everyone I’ve heard from DiS has an interesting voice

Increasingly so, but couldn’t care less to be honest. Everyone is boring to me

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