How bothered are you about supporting your friend's musical endeavours?

In the form of actually paying money to see them or for their recordings

  • Absolutely, as a form of encouragement and because they deserve it
  • Only if I happen to really enjoy it
  • Rarely, that’s their bloody business tbh
  • Friends? Pah!

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does this extend to other art forms too? because my housemate is a theatre producer and sometimes does her own productions and I had to stop going to them because they were awful, I largely dislike theatre as a medium and she was charging 10 quid on the door.

close friends yeah i’ll always buy their stuff and go and see them once in a while, do get a bit burnt out when they play like every week though. i’ll go and see em a few times a year but most of the time i’ll pay unless people are really intent on guestlisting you.

This now extends to theatre productions. South London, everyone!

I don’t think I could date a creative person because I’d be so embarrassed and awkward if I didn’t like their work

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don’t have many friends but I have included DiSers in my answer, hope that’s ok? x

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have gone through this. was a bit of a nightmare.

It’s great they’re always asking for detailed descriptions of why you like the stuff they make too because of crippling insecurity!!!

my housemate runs poetry nights, tbh the bad stuff has even more entertainment value than the good stuff, but if i had to put any serious money up i think i’d be put off too

DiSers have supported my music in the past and vice versa so very much yes

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happy to go to one or two events, but she does this like 4 times a year and its awful.

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Can I ask how you all tip toe round not supporting certain projects? Is it just lying?

not sure this would bother me, I think I could accept and respect someone putting effort into something that I didn’t personally like

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People are always a bit surprised I pay to go to my bf’s gigs.

‘i’m busy’
‘i’m ill’
‘i’m really broke’

the three amigos.


that’s not a dig at you I just think I dunno maybe I’m old now and when you’re old you can compartmentalise bits of your life better.


I don’t know anyone who does anything like this. I’d probably pay a few quid every now and again.

I definitely could be better at this, tricky when most of my friends play gigs almost weekly - I’ll feel guilty if i don’t go, but truth be told I bloody love staying in


Should go for more detail tbf. Sorry mate, bogged down in medical grade silicon nitride rn

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and my vote is more for ‘if don’t find it offensive’ i’ll happily bung a few quid.