How bothered are you about supporting your friend's musical endeavours?

lying by omission i guess. don’t know anyone who is really persistent even if you seem uninterested. most of my mates are much more likely not to tell me about stuff because they don’t want to be annoying.

yeah, it’s very easy to be supportive and encouraging to someone’s creativity even if you aint crazy about the stuff they make.

PS buy my shit


The upside of this is sometimes I can go see a mate’s band I like and on the same bill see one I don’t, two birds one stone.


I had a VERY brief thing with a guy in the first term of uni and one night when I was in his room, he played acoustic guitar and sang to me. Cripplingly awkward. I was just sitting there like “oh that was nice… oh wait he’s still playing. Maybe this is the last song. No? Ok, maybe THIS is the last song. Don’t even like this song. Just keep smiling!”

Then he played a song I knew so I sang along to it… 9 out of 10 times that I sing it’s HIDEOUS, 1 in 10 times it’s fine; he got the 1 in 10 time and complimented my singing voice. Then he said I should sing more and started playing a song I’d said I liked. I sounded like a goose choking. It was like that bit in Alan Partridge where he tries to serenade Jill at the Valentine’s Day dinner. “No, that’s not going to work. Well, you get the general idea.” Despite this we did make out that evening, but it was very boring.

He was also MASSIVELY into drama groups and was obsessed with the uni drama society, who were the worst people on earth with the worst in-jokes ever and didn’t even find it funny when I ran into a phone booth stoned on Halloween one year and shouted “I’M IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION!!!” as a :100: Anchorman reference. so yeah basically it’s put me off creative people forever. his nickname was Shrub because he once had to be an improv shrub, ffs. WHAT WAS I THINKING


There’s a section at the bottom of my CD shelving that’s full of albums/EPs that friends have produced, I’ve listened to once or twice and then not had the heart to discard.

much more likely to support music/film stuff than any other tbh. any kind of poetry night or art exhibition… :grimacing:


I hate people singing to me, I hate it. I HATE IT. My first ever bf did this when he came to stay once and he was SO LOUD, pervo :scream: We were in the attic and he was wailing away and my whole family could hear it down on the first floor.

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I’m sorry to say he doesn’t sound very cool.


how it should be tbh. guestlists especially in london are so out of control, played with a few promoters who don’t allow them and i’m perfectly fine with that.

I hate singing in front of my family, it’s awful. For some reason when it’s total strangers I’m not bothered.

Why is that?

Omg omg nooo dying of cringe reading this!!! My family would deffo never let me live that down.

My first ‘boyfriend’ when I was 15 wrote a song for me with the lyrics “you’re fitter than dame Kelly Holmes but in a different way” and got really offended when I laughed at the lyrics (only ever saw them written down, he never performed it)


Yeah, I agree. The last gig I went to my friend was putting it on too and he was so worried about how many people he’d get through the door. Of course I’m going to pay! We gotta support those metallers, eh eric? Haha.

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God being in a band was so lame though, I mean asking people to come along/people’s girlfriends coming to gigs who didn’t really want to be there.

Awful self-indulgence.

I’m always embarrassed if a mate puts me on the guest list. There’s absolutely no need (none of them are famous enough so that their events sell out months in advance).

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By contrast, I quite often get asked to sing to people I’ve dated. I feel bad but like no, c’mon, just no.


Bahahaaaa… Incredible, I’m so sad you never got to hear your song!!!

I cry laughed the first time my bf let me hear his music. It was his solo black metal project and I’d never really heard that kind of thing before, the vocals are him horrifically screaming, he sounds like he’s in a cave!! I get it now and I really fucking like it and I feel so bad I laughed so hard at the time :confused: Whoops. Haha.


Used to make this an absolutely priority. Not so much any more but still keep my eye in. Used to do the old gig circuit myself and ask people to come so would be disgraceful if I didn’t return the favour in heavy kind.

Got one mate who I’ve been to scores of gigs of an after about 5 years that gets a bit… much. Still go every now and again. Also now we’re all a bit older fewer of your mates do stuff like that, which is a relief.

One of my best mates is an artist mind and I still go to almost every opening of his even though I actively despise his art. That’s dedication.

black metal vocals are pretty hilarious though

His are really good though. THEY ARE BLOOD CURDLING. Pure evil.


Yeah I don’t see why you wouldn’t. Although I’m sure that some of my attentiveness is just because I like to live vicariously in their rock star lives, given I could never be arsed to learn an instrument or write songs.