How busy do you like to be at work?

I like to be a bit busy. If I’ve got too light a workload I get absolutely fuck all done because, fuck it, I’ve got time to do it later. Don’t want to be really really busy because that’s stressful and life’s too short to be stressed out at work.

At Tesco I’d prefer to have no customers all shift. Sure it was boring, but, y’know, customers are dicks.

A steady stream of manageable tasks is just about right.


On a scale where 10 is not having any lunch and staying until about midnight and 1 is going on Sporcle and trying to guess which country contains the most horses I’d say 6.5. Busy enough that the day passes quickly but not so busy that I don’t have enough time to get everything done.


Nice to be kept ticking over. It’s not so much the amount of work that can be the problem, it’s having it all piled up in front of me.

I’d rather get through one thing then have another task emailed to me to start immediately afterwards, than have a dozen emails in my inbox that I have to get through (even if it will take the same time to do and involve the same amount of work).

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now i’ve got a job i supposedly like i don’t know what the answwer to the questioon is. back in the day it was obvious - enough to keep me occupied with quite a substantial bit of dis/facebook throughout the day. now I actually “enjoy” what I do, and also have a great deal of autonomy in terms of managing my workload, I genuinely don’t know if I prefer to dos about or have loads to do all the time

One or two projects at a time and one ongoing responsibility.

(Currently, I have about 3 ongoing projects and two ongoing responsibilities :expressionless:)

I’m freelance so I like to be very busy otherwise I am essentially “unemployed”

Started to hit the plateau where some clients are willing to pay full day rates for work that might take less than an hour so more of that would be lovely

Which game is this mate?


Pretty much have complete autonomy over my job so I like to organise this to ‘busy but manageable’. Unfortunately I like to spend too much time at work dicking around on the internet so I’m in a permanent state of ‘too fucking busy’ instead. Maybe I do it unconsciously because I like being very busy because it feels like I’m doing stuff. I dunno.

Couple of surprises in there, won’t spoil it though!


Fuck sake, I’ve got too much work to do for this shite.


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7/10, didn’t get Mongolia, Ethiopia or Kazakhstan

On average, 7/10 with the odd 9 and 10 spikes to keep me on my toes. The more I have to do, the more productive I am. The last couple of months I’ve had very little to do, no strict deadlines in which to do it, and a consistent stream of good feedback. Combined with being on a day rate, so feeling like I’m pulling a con whenever I have a really unproductive day, and it’s been a recipe for anxiety. Much prefer to be busy and feel like I’ve actually earned my evenings and weekends.

8/10. Missed number 2 though. Productive.

8/10 missed Ethiopia and Mexico.


u got colombia but not mexico? fascinating



Got absolutely no work to do today and I am fucking loving it.

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kazakhstan and mexico were the first ones i put down - both famous for being massive horse based countries innit.

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