How can I improve my credit rating?

I’ve been on the same level for months. On CreditWise it says I have nothing holding me back and the only thing to watch is “Oldest credit account has been open a short time”, but I’ve had it for over two years.

Anyone got any hints or tips?

Make it really bad and then make it better again

Do you have a credit card? If not it’s worth getting one with a small limit but ensure you pay it off in full each month.

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I buy pretty much everything on credit card and pay it back each month - no idea how much these things make a difference but I think having and using credit is probably the best way (without overextending yourself obvs)

Sign up for Money Saving Expert’s Credit Club. Shows you the 8 different things you’re scored on and how you’re doing.

Yeah I have two, got one for that purpose as my score was terrible, then got a Natwest one about 2-3 months ago incase I actually needed it. I’ve been spending about 100 a month on this one and paying it off the next month most months.

Don’t get a mortgage, that tanked mine.

Also make sure all your bank accounts and whatever are registered to your current address and that you’re on the electoral roll.

I paid everything on a credit card which I had set to pay the balance full each month by direct debit. Meant I had a good credit rating in the UK which was all gone when I emigrated.

You need to pay it off

I don’t have a credit card…but now I’m earning consistently I thought it’d be a good idea to get one to build up my credit rating…but don’t know where to start really.

Should I just go for one that is most likely to accept me, even though it’ll probably have exorbitant rates? Or do I go for something else, and risk being rejected (and that having a further negative impact on my score)? I’m with Yorkshire Bank…who only appear to have cards for those already with credit, plus I guess there’s little advantage from having a credit card with your bank (aside from admin benefits).

Nobody explained that to me at the time, I thought they gave you a house as a reward for filling out all those forms.

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Just set this up and it says my Experian score is 999. Sure thats got to be an error. My credit card and loan affordability are both “good”, which is what I was expecting.

i know absolutely nothing about credit ratings dunno why im in this thread

Well I’m glad you’re here anyway @japes!

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just feels like something might happen in here y’know

Reckon Marckee and the Hoogster are going to start dropping credit bombs any minute now.


Same. Feel I should know more. Had one credit card about 20 years ago that I used a few times, so my credit rating is maybe… bad? But it’s not ever caused me any issues that I can think of…

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