How can I use the internet to find out if there's any traffic on Kingston bridge and if there are any parking spaces in the bentalls centre?


Must be a way!


Google Maps has a traffic layer.

Parking: dunno.

  1. Google Maps
  2. Find a phone number to call someone there and ask them.


Parking - you can’t, unless you can find a traffic camera trained on a parking spaces sign.



Is there traffic on Kingston Bridge? Yes, it is 21st December.
Are there any parking spaces in the Bentall’s Centre? No, it is 21st December.


Ask DiS.


Oh, and what Niki said for traffic. Google maps is generally very good at this


But it’s 2.40


On 21st December.

For one reason and another I had the misfortune of being in Farnborough earlier and it was rammed. The person I was meeting stood in a space shooing off cars that wanted to park there until I turned up.

You could shop somewhere in London instead.


Roast eater?


That is the one.

Although my story is slightly disingenuous as it was in the car park where he lived, he had shooed three off by the time I arrived.




Actually I am now his boss and this is how I choose to entertain my staff at yuletide.


He lives in a car park?


Some of it has a roof


Early Blur lyrics were edgier than normal


Gonna go at like 8pm, it’s open late tonight


A Christmas miracle!


Is it the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow you’re coming to Elaina? Enjoy, it’s the largest urban bridge in the UK, or so I’m led to believe.