How can one have 'dumps' like a 'truck', in a sexual sense?


I’m not convinced.




Come on back to my tarn bbz


*what what?


sounds like some stupid bullshit from twitter, I wouldn’t worry about it.


There’s a lot to talk about with this song in general tbh


Like a big jizz?


I believe it means to have a sizeable and sexually attractive posterior.


so buttocks are referred to as ‘dumps’


Yes. Dumps like a truck, thighs like what. It follows.


another good conversation opener for you, man.


To be honest I have thought about this quite a bit in my life.


i have a LOT to say about this song though. my assistant at work has heard it all but many have yet to


ima get get you drunk
get you love drunk off my dump




down in the dumps


this is what i mean. while ‘hump’ isn’t ideal it makes more sense



I don’t think these boards ever game me a satisfactory answer as to what a jammy is.

‘Pulled out the jammy, and killed the punanny’

I still fear it may be a tampon.

(not that one should not have sex when on a period but it may not be suitable for a song whether or not ‘Ice Cube is not for the pop chart’)


is it not his dick