How close are you to horsehair?

Sorry this was in my drafts but I’m going to post cause I want to type another thread.

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approx. 200 metres

I’ve got a horsehair wallpaper brush on the other side of the room. It was on the sofa next to me but it stank weird so I moved it.

I reckon the nearest horsehair is probably on a horse. There is probably a horse about 2 miles away.

About 10min walk away, loads of horses round here.

I see like 3 or 4 a day casually trotting aboot. But they’re currently in the stables, doing horse naps

He was best man at my wedding. Close enough for you?

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Your best man was a horse?

I can imagine this

there are some guitars near me could their strings be horsehair?

Animalist are you?

'Bout 1km as the crow flies.

I have imagined this


TV’s viola bow will be horsehair right? about 3 metres I reckon. What do I win?

Got a violin bow in the other room about 15m away.

Although that might be synthetic…

thinly veiled ‘I live in a palace’ post.

Is that just like a brush for wet shaving or do you brush your beard? I ask because my lockdown beard is now long enough to justify a beard comb and I don’t know where the next stage in this evolution will take me…


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Pretty sure there’ll be a horsehair hidden away on some of my clotyes so not very far

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reckon there’s a wig shop much closer to me than hackney farm or epping forest

just so you know, i googled this because i thought it was some special horesy thing