How close are you to your nearest tarn?

I haven’t checked where mine is.

Nearest what?

tarn ysc

As that sounds like something that only exists in Scotland I would guess the nearest one is the Southernmost one in Scotland.

Do you mean glacial lake or region in the SW of France? Because I’m miles away from both.

It’s a posh pronunciation of town.

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This is less than a mile away from me now, if it helps.


We ain’t going to the tarn, we’re going to the city.

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I know someone called Tarn. He is approx. 100 miles away.


It’s how people from Barnsley pronounce town.

Just for the avoidance of doubt people from Barnsley are not posh.

For those of you who don’t know or can’t be bothered to look for their closest tarn I’ve got a hot new thread.

If you’d asked me this at one point last Sunday, my answer would have been ‘1 metre’

What could have been.

I still don’t know what tarn means

I prefer ‘Tarn On The Bright Lights’

If you’re lost you can look–and you will find me
Tarn after tarn

Thank you


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My favourite one is in a south London district, now what is it called…