How close have you been to The Queen?

(please, let’s keep this clean)

  • I’ve shaken hands with the Queen
  • I’ve met The Queen but there was no physical contact
  • The Queen has walked past me (e.g. she visited my school and I was stood with the well-wishers)
  • I’ve been in the same room as The Queen
  • I’ve seen The Queen from a distance
  • I’ve never seen The Queen in person
  • I’m presuming that The Queen doesn’t do hugs
  • Other - please specify

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I highly doubt anyone on DiS was alive during the reign of our most recent Queen



We’re all in the presence of several queens everyday, just by being in this community with all the splendid ladies of DiS :grinning: :face_vomiting:

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alright undercover secret service agent

she did come to my work once, but I was out for the day.

Have met and spoken to her everliving husband though

My dad has met the queen a few times.

Went to the silver(?) jubilee parade on the Mall in 2001/2 when I was too young and didn’t know any better. Saw her from about 20/50 metres away.

The Queen came to my town and my ex went along to see her but I stayed at home because it seemed like a bad use of time and I’d just got a PS4



Never seen her in her human form

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She drove slowly past my work once, one of the lads in here ran towards the car taking photos excitedly, he had a very long beard. I expected a sniper to take him out tbh.

Saw a photo of her once

I was on a bus that went past her and Philip in their motor at the junction of City Road and St John’s Street about 8 years ago. I was popping into the Natwest in Angel on my lunchbreak to sort out an overdraft for my current account thanks for asking.

she’s driven past me before but i never actually saw her. and she came to open a new bit of my uni but we got told not to come in that day, heaven forbid they let her see actual students at a university.

so no, never seen her.

Same bed

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That would have been Golden Jubilee (50 years)


Her motorcade passed by my office a couple of years ago when she was on her way to name a ship.

Her helicopter to Southampton dropped her off at Goals, the five a side football pitch in an industrial estate in Milbrook.

Couldn’t she use an online survey like the rest of us?