How close have you been to The Queen?

How’d she survive that fall?


Solid teamwork there, IcSmic


Resent even having to be on the same landmass as her when I visit England.


If she’s been in the palace when I’ve been near the palace then that’s how close I’ve been to her.

I saw Beyonce in an airport once.

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This but windsor castle. I go to Windsor town centre (where the castle is) a fair bit so she probably has been in when I’ve been there. There’s a way to tell by the flags i think but i can’t remember it and have never bothered checking the flags anyway.

My cousin met her a couple of times. Also her son was at my work earlier in the year but i didn’t bother going outside to have a look.

This is the closest I’ve been to The Queen

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Physically or emotionally?

Went past me on the corner of the Strand and Kingsway in the back of a big Rolls Royce with motorcycle outriders. Totally breaking the speed limit and everything.

Organised an event for the Queen. I got to pretend to be Prince Philip during a walk-through with her entourage (who were almost entirely fucking assholes) the day before. Did she thank me?? Nuh.

My father held the Queen firm while Prince Phillip dabbed her with engine oil.
It was a Navy thing.

Saw her at The Championships, Wimbledon in 2010. More excited to see Tiger Tim, Boris Becker, McEnroe et al tbf tbh.