How close is your nearest



About forty feet for me, I reckon. I’m looking at one right now.


I don’t know


Best guess?




You’re currently in second place.


About 1.4 miles. If I was at home, about 15 metres.


At home there is one in the garden that backs onto mine.



Other trampoline-related posts are welcome in this thread.


You seem pretty confident that there aren’t any trampolines between your current location and your home. What’s your methodology?



There’s a Flip Out place here, so there.


I remember reading about someone getting their foot stuck in the side of a trampoline. Could’ve been someone famous or someone my Mum knows. I’ll do my best to remember by EOPT.


I don’t own any


Ever been?

If not, why not?


Pretend we’re in glorious Corbyntopia and all trampolines are available depending on trampolining need, and you’re currently greatly in need of a trampolining (not a euphemism).


There most probably are, but thought I’d go for what I know rather than speculate.


I live 0.5 miles from this:


in that case… I can’t imagine you can go anywhere in central Cambridge without being within 200m of a trampoline. Colleges are probably stuffed full of 'em.


Look, just answer the question please.



I’m wary shocking people with all my fat bits wobbling and wibbling about MrBean.jpeg