How close is your nearest

I would reckon 300m. There’s a row of houses just down from here and they have kids living there so I assume at least one family would own a trampoline.

Could you check on Google maps, please. I don’t want to get the final rankings wrong.

I can confirm that there are none in the back garden of any of the houses near my office. The images were updated in 2018 so I would presume they’re still relevant. Count me out of the running.

I’m sorry to hear that, but thank you for your integrity.

I bet that absolutely reeks of peoples’ smelly socks.

Imagine if someone has actually bought a trampoline in the last few months. In these Winters.

I’m tempted to walk home the back way to check this now. Loads of the houses have conservatories though. Tory (Fine Gael) twats.

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Checked google maps to find out our nearest one and in doing so discovered that my neighbours have a swimming pool in their back garden. In central Scotland :open_mouth:

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Might just be a really big puddle.

Or a big trampoline covered up for winter.

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Ooh, pretty close for me - maybe 30 feet…

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Or a painting of a swimming pool.

You could have taken that from Google. I’m going to need a photo of you on the trampoline with today’s newspaper.

And a kid’s finger

London is looking a lot more lush than I remember.

that I know for absolute certain, about 1.1 miles.

My sister is dismantling her trampoline as a side effect if my nephews Crohns drugs is that he’s got micro fractures to in both hips and he’s always on it.

Here’s me being very awkward on it.


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ooh, think I might’ve found one a few streets across?

I wouldn’t know mate, I’m in Northamptonshire :unamused: