How close to this agile/strong are you?


I can do most of this shit but I think the rope bit is beyond me for now.


I feel you have a right to know that I am not going to be clicking on that link.


looks like a piece of piss


super unmotivated to go to the gym, which is bad because I payed outright for it smh


Quite close…


It’s an unfeasibly strong/agile person doing next level shit in some sort of training room.

Completely safe for work, as long as you stay clothed while you’re watching it.


This is actually very impressive.


I make no promises.


My co-ordination is proper crap though. Big scaredy-cat when it comes to throwing myself around too. Find it interesting what stuff goes viral from the climbing world. A video of lad I know reasonably well was doing the rounds earlier in the year which was weird.
Some of the comments on this video are depressing though.


Oh dear, I hadn’t considered there’d be comments. I just had a quick look. Grim.


There are always comments :disappointed: