How cold is your bathroom?

My bathroom is fucking freezing. Don’t really know what to do about it frankly as it’s going to become a real issue in winter II, there’s only a tiny radiator in there that does basically nothing and the tiles and walls etc are just permanently extremely cold (and, as a result, permanently wet with condensation)

What do you do about a cold bathroom?

just piss yourselves to stay warm.

No, I piss in toilets only.


pretty warm actually

Not particularly. We have a storage heater in there which has no controls, so it just blasts out warm air from about 4am until it’s all done at about 8pm.

I have the opposite problem. The extractor fan in my bathroom is knackered, so every time I have a bath, it turns into a sauna pretty quickly. It’s a pretty nice problem to have, tbh and is probably not the kind of thing you were hoping to read right now, Ant. My apologies for that.

Our is pretty cosy - it’s got a wooden floor which means no cold tiles underfoot.

I don’t know what to suggest Ant - maybe suggest your partner has the first shower in the morning, that might warm it up a bit for you.

Ours are pretty warm, now we have new windows, insulated the walls and got new towel rail/radiator things.

Is your bathroom cold, or does it just feel like it is cold, after you’ve stepped out of the shower? Is your hall warmer than your bathroom? If so, maybe keep the door open.

She showers at night and I shower in the morning. Both of us suffer equally as such.

No external walls and a radiator = warm.

It’s really cold, ground level with external walls on all sides. I feel like it’s a perfect example of a poorly-thought out extension to a building but I’m not sure if that’s actually the case.

The condensation and permanent wetness of it combined with the cold has me worried about it’s upkeep.

Starting to wonder whether I will need to use my central heating ever. Even when it was sub-zero the other night, my flat was pretty warm - presumably due to the neighbours either side / above / below having their heating on.

Back o the net

Very small, one external wall, one radiator so if the heating is one and the window is closed it gets pretty warm.

I get this too. Great in winter, awful in summer.

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just stick the shower on a minute or two before going in dude

Just closed the window in there after leaving it open after a shower this morning. The bathroom in my old flat didn’t have a window, so, so grim :grimacing:


Think this is the first flat I’ve lived in in London where the heating actually works properly so it’s really warm.

Space heater?

I do do this. It’s not the temperature of me whilst in the bathroom that I’m concerned about as much as the inevitable effects of a room being permanently wet and cold for a few months. The mould etc could become a problem.

Was thinking this but it sounds like a potential recipe for a disaster in a bathroom