How cold is your house?

I’m living in a flat with single glazing and electric heaters, and my flat is therefore super cold. There’s no way I’m putting the heaters on in the bathroom, kitchen or hallway, so those rooms just stay freezing. It’s cold enough now that I’m thinking of staying at my parents a few days a week.

  • Warm and toast
  • Lukewarm
  • Not warm or cold
  • Cold
  • Freezing
  • :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:

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I’ve taken to wearing these ‘bedroom wear’ from Tesco’s that at hideous and look like I’ve crawled inside a sheep but they keep me warm :smiley:


double glazed with a boiler we installed about 2 years ago, have the heating on for a couple of hours in the morning and a few hours at night, properly toasty

i’ve stayed in some properly freezing tenement flats over the years and just won’t put up with living in a freezing cold house now, (if i can avoid it!)

It’s a relatively recent (2008ish) new build and probably the warmest place I’ve ever lived. Although it has these weird heaters I have to leave on overnight, it charges them up and they release heat across the day. So you have to know it’s going to be cold enough in advance?! Also not good for someone away a lot.

(However it also has terrible air circulation as it’s single aspect, d’oh)

Looking at moving to a bigger place as my partner is looking at moving here next year, got an appointment to view a place this weekend but it’s in a Victorian house and is going to be freezing, isn’t it, it just is

Extremely well insulated, only have to put the heating on when there have been sub-zero temperatures for a number of days.

Double glazing but 2 night storage heaters for the house (it’s a small house) that are completely ineffective. Luckily, Devon is a tropical paradise.

Victorian terrace, only single-glazed downstairs so not very energy-efficient. We have an open fire to boost it when it’s really cold.

Upstairs is fine though.

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Moved into a room in a big tenement flat way back when I was at university. Room was absolutely massive (had its own three piece suite) and had two giant single glazed windows. Looked absolutely lovely when I went to view it in August, come January I was sleeping in a hoodie because it was so cold.


Seems to do a good job at keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer but we’re decorating the hallway at the moment and have removed the radiator so it’s brass monkeys atm. Load of bollocks about dark blue painted walls making you feel cold.

Terraced house built in the late-80s, has big top-hinge single-glazed windows in wooden frames on the ground floor with what feels like, though surely can’t be, laminate flooring directly on the slab. The floor gets so, so cold. Upstairs has double glazing in the front bedroom and bathroom, but a big leaky (thankfully just air) skylight in the back bedroom. The thermostat is downstairs, frankly too close to the big windows. I don’t know this, but I reckon it was built at the tail end of the period before better insulation became a standard, because it’s a bit of a pain in the arse.

On the plus side, it’s really quite cool in the summer because all the glazing faces east/west and it’s in shade from other developments to the front and tall conifers to the rear, so there’s that at least.

Another poll, whilst this flat is very cold, it’s surprisingly very quiet.

What would you prefer?

  • Cold and quiet
  • Warm and noisy

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I like it cooler in general. If it’s too hot and also too loud it starts to get pretty claustrophobic for me.

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I’m talking cold enough to see your breath though

Oh, that’s probably too cold on balance.

Yeah it’s really cold.
Need to put some more insulation in the loft as don’t think it has been topped up in years/is barely any up there. Kitchen is freezing as has open conservatory bit. Gonna cost me a fortune to heat over the winter

Double glazing
Storage heaters

We put in decent underlay when we got the floor done, and it’s pretty toasty, apart from the kitchen which is very cold. Got all the heaters on now apart from the one in our bedroom which will probably remain off for the duration of winter.

Because of the excellent insulation you can’t hear a thing whatsoever from other flats. But it is in central London, so there is constant noise from outside.

The power of Christ compels you!


My flat heats up fast and stays warm well - but I’m a bit concious of high energy bills in the winter as I WFH so much these days, so I do tend to wrap up indoors and set the thermostat a little lower than some might chose too

My old boiler is starting to play up a bit though.