How cold is your house?

Delightfully warm. We have underfloor heating which has been an absolute revelation.

My house is currently cold downstairs, but warm up at the top where my office is. Later on I’ll warm up the downstairs for when my wife and kids get home. We have separate thermostats/timers for the ground floor, and for the 2nd and top floor, which is quite handy.

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The best.

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In a new build so it’s fairly well insulated. I WFH so try to avoid putting the heating on during the day. Even if I do there’s 2 thermostats (upstairs/downstairs) so I guess that is more efficient than heating the whole house.

Kitchen floor is tiled though and it’s bloody freezing.

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Victorian townhouse for us, but still surprisingly good at retaining heat. Had it fully doubled glazed since we moved in (including £££s :scream: double glazed sash) plus replaced most of the radiators so it bloody should be tbh tbf.

Was thinking about single glazing the other day - surely in 2019 this should have been consigned to the bin of history in the UK.

What you got in your gaff?

  • Single glazed
  • Double glazed
  • A mixture
  • Some super triple glazed/more/I live in Scotland option

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Three bed Victorian terrace with major damp, some single glazed windows, holes in walls and around windows, no central heating, and only one working electric radiator (which is never on because I can’t afford it). There’s a multi fuel stove but it’s extremely inefficient and can burn for hours with almost no effect and so I don’t use it. In winter I can nearly always see my breath when inside.

It’s not really fit for habitation tbh.

Supposed to be getting a free air source heat pump central heating system installed but it keeps getting pushed back :neutral_face:


Lol, had my legs described as many things but that’s a first

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Big thing in Edinburgh is that a lot of the older parts of the city are conservation areas, and also loads of buildings are listed. Which doesn’t mean you can’t replace the windows, but means you’re restricted to sash windows (as you say, more :moneybag:) and in some cases wooden frames rather than PVC (even more :moneybag:). And because so many of these properties are rentals (lots of students & young people, generally quite transitory neighbourhoods) they just have the original single pane sash windows.

And yes of course landlords should take better care of their tenants, but also I find it absolutely infuriating that fundamentally the needs of those walking past and admiring the building are considered more important than those who live in the building.


Our house is cold and draughty, when the heating isn’t on. Our thermostat isn’t quite right though, so when the heating is on, it gets a little bit too warm. So we have to keep turning it on and off.

And yes, I know how thermostats work, and I should be able to just turn it down by a few degrees, but it seems that when we do that it doesn’t come on at all. Brrrr. :cold_face:

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Where the thermostat is in the house makes a big difference as to how useful it is I think

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We have similar where I live - conservation area/loads of student rents due to proximity to Goldsmiths Uni. What is more disappointing however is that about 10% of the housing stock remains council owned and even that still has single glazed wooden sash - guess it’s just too much bunce to en masse update them…

Masses of difference - ours will get downstairs to a nice, habitable temperature but make upstairs super-hot - if I turn off the radiators upstairs it’s then not consistently heated, due to the layout of the rooms I guess.

Downstairs in my house is quite open plan and the thermostat is at the foot of the stairs. We have radiators on when it’s cold but it can take ages to warm up and often disappears quickly.

I think our double glazing is a bit shit and needs to be redone but emoji cash money.

Mostly pretty toasty, thankfully. Except for one room which always seems to be deathly cold. Presumably it’s haunted.


The guy who owned our house before us put in double glazed sash windows too to help him sell it. Must have spent a fortune.

Purpose built apartment block built by the State in 1969/70

Some underfloor heating. Mainly hot water radiators. Double & triple glazed.

Pretty much perfect summer & winter but can get a bit hot, stuffy and dry on cold winter nights

Good sound insulation too

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Love a sash window!

It’s warm when the heating is on but fuck me, it’s been getting cold overnight. I’m gonna buy a heated mattress topper this week cause I can’t take it in the night!

I feel so very grateful my bf isn’t one of those tight men who tell you to put another layer on so that means I can have the heating on 24/7 if I want. Sometimes he’ll whisper to me at 3am “shall we put the boost on for an hour?” and I burst with love for him.


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