How come dogs can't talk like people?


Is it because their tongues don’t have enough muscles in them to move around the mouth to make consonant sounds?


They can, they just don’t want the hassle.


sometimes think just screaming UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! when I’m really happy or angry would be really cathartic


they can mate, have you never seen Cats & Dogs


not a big fan of musicals really


why can’t humans bark just like dogs?


we’re just a bit more repressed I think


I can.



It’s because they don’t have lips isn’t it


They can sing though

(any excuse to repost this video that @Antpocalypsenow (?) brought into my life, thx ant)


it’s not a musical, it’s a documentary about Jeff Goldblum’s family life


people go on about him sometimes but I still don’t think I’ve seen him in anything.

I like Jeff Bridges though, that’s the only acting Jeff I know


just a different language, not any less valid


I know this is fake as fuck but it’s still making me smile


The dog is actually making those noises. It’s actually quite sad when you watch him doing it without the fun musical accompaniment. I think that poor Walter has quite severe detachment anxiety :cry:


I got really bummed out when I had a little thought experiment that dogs are really constantly miserable and distressed around people but can’t express it.

My brother’s lab puppy seems really chill though


multiple reasons.


Nah, they’re usually very happy and love life. I do hate to think about dogs that don’t like being left alone though, it’s dead sad.


Good infinite monkey cage podcast on the human voice, apparently chimps have the physiological capacity to talk but don’t, I reckon the chimps made a wise decision