How come Rich to Really Rich people always favour having a swimming pool

over a tennis court?
Like you will see a lot of rich - really rich people have swimming pools, BUT only seems to be super wealthy have a tennis court AND if they have a tennis court they always have a swimming pool?
Never just a tennis court?
Pools cost about the same to build(?) same space (?) and LOADS more to run. Get a court you stupid rich idiots!
I would rather have a

  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court

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I can swim better than I can play tennis, and I am not great at swimming.


imagine how good you will be when you build your tennis court!

Indoor pool, outdoor court.

Only sensible way for me to spend my very real money in the UK

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Cos they don’t have any friends

I live near free tennis courts so I’d go with the swimming pool too though even though I DO have friends

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It’s because you can just about play tennis in a swimming pool but you definitely can’t swim on a tennis court


I have courts down the road but can only play for an hour a day. If I built my own entire court I could play for 90mins.

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Is the poll going as you’d hoped?

Ran past a house with a tennis court last week.

Too much house imo

All that with the proceeds from ‘Drinking in LA’


deserves every penny imo


I’m happy for the community to vote as they feel. And show they would be rich idiots with Rich to Very Rich money!!
I hope they all don’t come running to me when the elec bill and maintenance comes in!

Also, the other KEY thing is, unless your swimming pool is like 20m long and you can swim lengths, swimming pools SSUCK after a few days of being in one. FACT
Rich people with pools that are like 8m long make me sick.

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can’t drown in a tennis court so think i’d go for that. or a bowling green, that’d be nice


Can’t swim or play tennis and I reckon a tennis court is way easier to use for other things.

Would have a 5 a side pitch I reckon

Table tennis better than big tennis. I’d have a table tennis court (garage).

Well it’s a bit different because you don’t need as much space for a swimming pool.

my uncle has both, does that help with your polling at all?

Tennis is fucking shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttt so I’ll go with a pool thanks.

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