How come scouts, girl guides, beavers and whatever else we have

don’t sell cookies (biscuits) like they do in the US? Would be a good excuse to buy loads of cookies (biscuits) and feel that you were doing the right thing.

I think it’s probably because of something financial

Could they not use strawberry laces?

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I’m always lacking biscuits I could get on board with this.


i always thought it was biscuits that they (or their parents more likely) had made but it’s not! they’re just shitey biscuits made in a factory somewhere and sold in a big box like any other biscuits

what’s the point


Cease and Desist from Brian McVittie

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Cos of the EU, innit.

Health and safety gone mad.

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If you could have any type of food sold to you at home what would it be?

Desserts and chocolate for me. Always want a sweet treat after dinner. Never have anything in


Oh here comes the Muller Corner Banana Chocolate Flakes man, I’ve been waiting all day!


If you got propositioned by a door to door rice pudding salesman would you buy some?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends

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I will not buy food from adults at my door. Plain and simple.

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Propositioned how?

They are generally better at cooking than children

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More nefarious though. Could well have jizzed in the rice pudding.

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Which would certainly be my motivation for selling rice pud door to door.


Buy my rice pudding and I’ll let you see my bum once