How come scouts, girl guides, beavers and whatever else we have


don’t sell cookies (biscuits) like they do in the US? Would be a good excuse to buy loads of cookies (biscuits) and feel that you were doing the right thing.


I think it’s probably because of something financial


red tape


Could they not use strawberry laces?




They used to have bob a job


I’m always lacking biscuits I could get on board with this.




i always thought it was biscuits that they (or their parents more likely) had made but it’s not! they’re just shitey biscuits made in a factory somewhere and sold in a big box like any other biscuits

what’s the point


Cease and Desist from Brian McVittie


Cos of the EU, innit.

Health and safety gone mad.


If you could have any type of food sold to you at home what would it be?


Desserts and chocolate for me. Always want a sweet treat after dinner. Never have anything in



Oh here comes the Muller Corner Banana Chocolate Flakes man, I’ve been waiting all day!


If you got propositioned by a door to door rice pudding salesman would you buy some?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends

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I will not buy food from adults at my door. Plain and simple.


Propositioned how?


They are generally better at cooking than children


More nefarious though. Could well have jizzed in the rice pudding.