How come scouts, girl guides, beavers and whatever else we have


Which would certainly be my motivation for selling rice pud door to door.


Buy my rice pudding and I’ll let you see my bum once


Rice pudding has to be epimer’s kryptonite but he would like to see your bum no doubt.


is he just carrying around like a bucket of rice pudding and spooning some out to whoever wants some or what’s the set up here?


don’t get so many suburban lemonade stands either


Cheeky offer, but no thank you.


it’d can’t be coincidence that this was also my first concern


Let’s say yeah it’s just a big fucking tub, a ladle and a separate smaller tub full of strawberry jam




that sounds disgusting but also who am i kidding i’m still going in


still gutted I missed out on s’mores night at yosemite


Ants on a log


pretzel man. door to door hot pretzels. like the big proper ones covered in bits of salt the size of sugar cubes.

fuck yeah.


Instead you get some fuck from Grimsby trying to sell you some ‘fresh fish’ which he has just driven 250 miles down the M1.


Oooffftttt yes I would give pretzel man my patronage


I’m definitely in, as long as it is being warmed somehow in transit.


This isn’t really related but how great was the Mario Paint background music?


this made me laugh quite a lot


I once had a large, stubbly man knock on my door on Saturday morning. I was wearing a dressing gown and a bit hangover. He then proceeded to pull out a big knife, then there was a pause before he said ‘knife sharpening, got any knives that need sharpening?’. If it hadn’t been for my training I cud have shat myself there and then, as it was it was lucky I didn’t disarm him and restrain him in in a half nelson. It did suggest he announce his business before demonstrating it in the future but he said ‘wheres the fun in that’, I had to concede this


would have thought you owned quite a few knives