How come scouts, girl guides, beavers and whatever else we have


I tell you what I would like, door to door refuelling (by girl guides of course). Breaking the tyranny of the petrol station.


How do you propose someone transports all the delicious flammable liquid?


Suppose it isn’t your problem really


True but those little carts that you pull behind you with some jerry cans on would do.


Just the little cart with fuel swilling around would be more endearing.


they’ve just got like a big bucket and are spooning it out to whoever wants some


No I like going down the pumps, once the attendant asked me to keep an eye on the station while he went out the back, I thought he meant for 30 sec he was gone for about 10mins I didn’t know what to do


I’m ex trade, Rons. Used to work the forecourt (shop) in sunny old Weybridge.


cor u must have some stories from those days


Did many people fill up with the wrong kind of car juice?


I almost did it the other day. It’s because the diesel nozzle is black and so is my car


Not sure. My daughters are in the Brownies / Rainbows respectively so I’ll ask them.

I suspect it’s because the more less cookie-centric Bob-a-Job week has prevailed in the UK


My job would be for them to get me some biscuits.


I can remember doing bob a job. knocking on random front doors and then weeding the owners garden from them (not a euphemism)

Just wouldn’t happen now would it !


reckon the decimalisation of sterling played a role


yeah, quid a job just doesn’t have the same ring to it




Rice pudding


It’s like you don’t even know me.


I remember washing someone’s car without agreeing a fee first and he gave us 10p. I think there were 3 or 4 of us so it didn’t go far!