How come scouts, girl guides, beavers and whatever else we have


Oh and arguing about which of us was going to knock on a particular door next to ask if they had a job we could do, then the man came out and one of us blurted out “do you have a job?” and he got really offended and went “yes actually, i’m a musician” (likely translation: no) (we were able to smooth things over and explain what we meant)


I got an answer from the eldest’s brownie leader!

It’s a bit dull, but basically the Guiding Movement and Girl Scouts USA are two different organisations - founded on similar principles but subject to an entirely different management structure etc. I guess it’s a bit like how Catholics do confession but CofE types don’t.

So they don’t do cookies. Plus, the cookies are made under licence by some big cookie manufacturer.


Alternative scotch eggs as per the exciting opportunity thread.


You have (at least) two crass American slang terms for the vagina in your OP.


I’d rather have lemonade.