How comfortable are you doing things by yourself?

Not like that, guttersnipes.
I love my mates and all but really feel like I’m having more of a determined experience doing things by myself. Eating in or out, going to cinemas/galleries (lol, as if), solo bar crawls, or just hanging out in the park sometimes. Just feels more deliberate, and I enjoy it more. Wtth people it’s more about our conversation than anything else.
Having said that I know people from large families tend to get sad if they haven’t got anyone to have dinner with or whatever.

What about you?

Literally nothing worse than sitting in a restaurant on your own. Have to do it all the time.
Pubs and cinemas are alright, prefer being with people though

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Love doing things by myself. Fuck off people.



Was just having my lunch and a sneaky number in the park, it’s well nice out so lots of folks milling about, most of them in groups or couples. Just occurred to me I didn’t envy that.

Depends on the setting / reason. If I’ve been away for an interview or training or whatever - it’s a real treat to go and sit in the park / pub beer garden with a paper and contemplate life, or to go and watch a film.

If it’s because Mrs CCB and the girls are away for the weekend and I’m sat in the house eating a pizza on my own when I’m normally surrounded by them - it’s a bit miserable.


Lunch in a park is fine, evening meal in a restaurant when working away is hell

In fact I’d go as far as saying that sex is literally the only thing that I don’t prefer to do alone.

Always travelled solo a fair amount with work in whatever job I’ve had so got used to it fast - now I actually enjoy it.


I like it a lot for the most part.

Cinemas, gigs, mini-weekend breaks, all great alone. Only ever get slightly self-conscious (or more than usual) when it involves eating in a proper restaurant

Was away with work all last week so had to eat alone for 7 nights in a row. Fine for one night, awful for 7.

Having said that I do a lot of stuff in my own, cinema, walks, holidays etc. I have plenty of friends, but am at that stage in our lives where I pretty much have to book people in 6 weeks in advance and most of the time I just can’t be arsed.

I can do most things (except get drunk or go to music festivals) by myself.

I drink a lot faster alone too. If i’m not talking i’m drinking so always end up pissed

Been doing a solo “experiment” recently to find the best bloody mary in clerkenwell recently. Surprisingly high differences in quality tbqh.
Did I mention it was recent?

just take a book to a restaurant innit

Also a bit worried that I’m getting so comfortable at doing things alone that I’m losing any impetus to settle down.

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Gigs - yes, very (as long as between set hanging around is not too much, afraid to say I often fall back on smoking to fill the gaps - smokers can be a friendly bunch)

Cinema - YES. Think I prefer to go alone (with the exception of going with the kids to things they want to see). I just want to enjoy the film without worrying about the person I’m going with arriving late, not wanting to sit front and center like me, not liking the film

Happy to sit in a pub and have a drink (see also smoking) - but couldn’t go on a crawl, and I can’t stick it out too long

I like sitting on the beach by myself in the summer with a few cans

If only your partners thought the same wahey! :slight_smile:

In Swedish the word for lonely and the word for alone are the same word


which literally means ‘one same’

it also means ‘single’ as in ‘not in a relationship’

make of that what you will

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I have been to a festival by myself, pretty bleak