How cool are your parents?

I ask because I just got this message on whatsapp from dad, and it made me realise how thankful I am that he despises The Eagles and Phil Collins.


Gave me a great musical education, ensured I was fully up to speed with the classics by the time I was 14/15, and introduced me to bands I may not have discovered without him- Blonde Redhead, Steely Dan, Cocteau Twins, DM Stith, The Handsome Family, Laura Veirs, The The, I could go on. Absolute GBOL.

Mum would be pretty cool if she had any time to explore music and film and books, but she doesn’t. Loves Kate Bush though and that’s good enough for me.

How cool are YOUR parents?


What’s the lowest number on the scale?


I love my parents. They are not cool. I’m very glad that they’re not cool.


Would have said the lowest of all possible cool ratings, but my mum did take up vaping the other week.

Not cool.

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:left_speech_bubble: “TURN THAT NOISE OFF IT’S ALL JUST BOOM BOOM BOOM” - p*pa ma0sm

Once looked through my dad’s tape collection in his car. It was two tapes: a Mamas & Papas best of, and The Very Best of The Eagles

Well if gets her off the fags then I’m all for it tbqfh.

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I want you in my room


Dad’s music taste is Steely Dan, The Eagles, Santana and 10cc. My mum doesn’t have any music taste.

Very Best Of The Eagles has overtaken Thriller as the best selling album of all time. My dad has a copy. So my mum is cooler than my dad

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I don’t think my parents are cool but they’re not mega uptight like some parents can be which is fun.

My mum only really listens to Michael Buble and various soundtracks from films (bridget jones diary, love actually etc). She did announce to me the other day that she’d like to go see Mumford and Sons (???)

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Coolness as defined by musical taste: 0/10**

Coolness as defined by being massively supportive of things I do and generally being tolerant and nice people: 8/10

** mum gets bonus points for having a pretty solid taste in films. These are negated by my dad not believing in works of fiction.


One of my biggest hopes in life is that I don’t turn into one of those parents who makes their kids listen to whatever boring shit it is that I loved when I was forming a music taste.


My dad has very good taste in comedies and grew us up on Seinfeld and curb. I grew up pretty American I think but my bf who is half american, grew up with english tv and comedies so we’re not on the same wavelength there.

Why what?

Why are you glad they’re not cool?

Why do you love them?


Ah right. I think “coolness” as illustrated by music taste is extremely boring.

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