How cool are your parents?

I’m really envious of people who were introduced to music (or any form of culture, really) by their family. My mum and sister used to actively make fun of me for taking an interest in any music that wasn’t played on Radio 1.

Think my dad was clever about this. Never made me listen to anything, never force fed me, but would often enforce a ‘my car, my music’ policy and would then play a mix of stuff he knew I’d probably like anyway. It worked.

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They’ve been very kind to me over the years

Dad is a rock dad which when I was growing up I thought was cool but actually is not cool. He is the reason I got into music though so credit for that.

My mum is not cool in ways of culture, and I can’t remember the last time she watched a film or listened to not bad music, but she’s pretty wicked in terms of being good as being a parent. So that’s cool.

Not cool at all. My mum swears a lot and says inappropriate things when she’s drunk which used to make people think she was cool but now it’s veering into embarrassing-old-relative territory.

I remember listening to a lot of Britpop with my dad when I was younger and he bought my first single which was breakfast at tiffanys.
He did later on buy me Aqua’s barbie girl so who knows what that man was into.


my dad has never bought a cd in his life

or an album on any other format either

My dad also gave me a great musical education. Well early on it was largely 60s stuff and a bit of Fleetwood Mac but he always had music on or was playing his guitar and suppose got me into finding my own music, which he really liked being introduced to himself. He was a session musician in the 70s so he knew some cool peolle including Brian Eno and I remember speaking to him in the phone when he working on that dreadful Cher comeback in the 90s. Also he was mates with Bernard Hill as I think he was an extra or something on Boys From the Blackstuff so he used to bring him and other top lads over as he converted out attic into a music studio and always wanted to show it off.

Mum had a brief stint of being cool in her late teens which she revived again in her 30s but largely because of my dad.

One of things I wonder about most is whether me and my dad would have gone to gigs together but he died before the opportunity came up.


My mum (80) doesn’t really do popular culture although her favourite film star is Richard Gere
My dad’s 86; he likes Ella Fitzgerald and reggae. He’s pretty cool for his age.


I thought my dad was cool but he’s never let me have a chat with Eno on the phone. Holy smokes.

I wouldn’t define them as cool as such. But my dad has reasonable music tastes.

They are very caring people mind, dad is appealed by his generation voting for Brexit and “fucking it up for you youngun’s”. They vote Labour and hate Tories, and generally would help anyone. That will do me.

In his retirement, he spends a lot of his days playing football manager. I reckon I’d have no chance in beating him at that nowadays.

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Your dad sounds uber-cool

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You know it’s cool because they pluralise with a ‘z’.


tricklenipple loves his mummy wum



My mum’s quite cool. She loves penguins.

Didn’t think it was cool at the time. It was really awkward and just added to list of people he’d embarrassed me into interacting with just so I could say I had, though it wasn’t as bad as being made to dance on stage with some Irish chap who won Eurovision once. Not even a cool person that one, just a terrifying experience.

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Musically, my dad isn’t very cool. He’s probably spent years of his time listening and cataloguing music (he was a child of Elvis, then the Beatles/Rolling Stones) and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the 60s/70s…but he sees all other music through that narrow lens. He frequently asks for new music recommendations… but only really likes stuff with heavy riffs and the “right” vocals (so little screaming or heavy effects) - cloud nothings, for example. Has a weird aversion to pretty much any female vocalist. It’s funny because…I used to think his depth of knowledge was pretty cool…but that has diminished as I’ve learned how fixed his ideas are. Even having said that…in the last few years I’ve decided that I wasn’t too interested in exploring too widely wrt my music tastes, and I’m happy with the fairly narrow field which I enjoy.

Aside from music though, my dad has a few traits that are pretty cool; among them being the least violent person I’ve ever known and also having a disregard for most tropes of “masculinity” (he’s a good crier, much better than me).


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Being kind is cool, so my mum is the coolest.

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Btw Shrewbs, if I’d answered with why I think they’re not cool would you have posted “No, I meant why do you love them?”

Excellent work either way, would just love a glimpse into your process though