How cynical are you?

How cynical are you in everyday life?
It’s just protective, disappointed idealism isn’t it?
I require a arbitrarily assigned numerical value out of ten concerning this, thank you.

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this is essentially a “how traumatised are you by your life” thread, enjoy everyone

Very cynical. Probably in and around the 8 region I’d have thought.

I’ll believe anything, me.

I used to be professional but then my heart wasn’t in it.

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I think I’m about a 3/10 when it comes to cynicism. I abhor cynicism in a lot of cases.

Others seem to think I’m very cynical, like 7/10. Not sure why. Think they’re getting it mixed up with dryness tbh. Let’s net it out to 5/10 shall we.

I also don’t like the use of the phrase “cynical challenge” when it comes to football. Annoys me a lot.

Very. To the point where I’m self-sabotaging my enjoyment of something. It’s not great.


Try not to be too cycnical

I don’t really enjoy cynicism as a pose/ position

Gonna say a 4

I’m very cynical. Get told off for it loads at work. :frowning:

Getting annoyed by it’s probably a reflex reaction but I don’t think cynicism is a choice really, or at least, it’s one that needs real work and maybe even some perspective changing events before it improves.

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Used to be very cynical. Have worked on it hard and am now annoyingly positive.

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not really, 2 probably. think really well of other people and terribly of myself.


A strong 9.

Maybe 9.5.

Sure - propensity to be cynical is influenced by events, of course. And in a lot of cases it will be justified.

More than is healthy, I imagine.

Very cynical, and critical. I’m essentially an auditor so I’m mentally wired to see where things are going to go wrong ahead of time and I can often see through bullshit when others can’t. Means people think I’m quite negative which I guess I am. My nickname at another job was ‘the doom fairy’ as I’d often predict exactly how a project or initiative was going to fail as it was announced.

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Used to be very cynical but over time realised it was numbing me from experiencing the beauty in life and in people. Now I’ve sort of reached a state where I still expect the worst but can just about hope for the best as well. If that makes sense.


The doom fairy sounds like something I strive to be tbftbh

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Ever so cynical. Definitely 8.5 / 9.

Do my level best to keep a lid on it around others, though. I know how much it pisses other people off.

I think that there are two types of cynicism: one borne of ignorance (eg “all politicians are the same!”) and one borne of insight.

I can’t stand the former, but the latter is often justifiable.

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