How deep is your need to be the originator of an idea?


Or are ok with copying something you think is ‘wow’ that you never thought of?

Just heard someone is getting a beautiful window seat in their extension, saw the pic, love it, want it. Not sure I’d enjoy it to the max knowing it was someone else’s ‘idea’ :-/

Is that just silly?

I want you to know I could only ask you guys this question- so thank you :blush: x


If it’s any consolation…that person probably didn’t invent window seats either.




Early Bee Gees lyrics, etc


I’d happily look over at another table at a restaurant and say “I’ll have what they’re having!!!” to the waiting staff. We’d all have a bit of a laugh, it’d be a good moment, and then they’d go pass on our order.


My downfall is, I find people talking about home improvement and interior design on a practical level so boring but then I never know what’s doable till someone gets something I want


Then I’m all ears and like why didn’t I fuvking think about that?!


I’m perfectly happy playing other people’s Netrunner decks I’ve seen on the internet, if that helps at all.


No im talking about seeing something someone’s else has got and thinking ooh that’s nice and getting it… are you comfortable with that


I mean, it’s basically the same thing.

But yes.


Like even if you don’t say it out loud, going to a shop a looking for a scarf like Dave’s


Everyone who’s designed anything or chosen how to decorate their home has done so through looking at other ideas.

It might be a bit weird if it’s someone you know and you choose to do EXACTLY the same thing, mind, especially if they only see it when you invite them around for dinner and you’re wearing the same clothes and have dyed your hair the same colour.


A dystopian cyberpunk future where monolithic mega corps…


how about when someone copies someone else’s tattoo


Sounds good.

I’ll have what she’s having.


Well yeah, this is a good example


i know it is :blush: :blush: :blush:


If it’s an original piece of art, doesn’t the tattooist own the rights to it or something?


but this is generally a no go in the tattoo community/controversial because someone is being paid to execute someone else’s original design, isn’t it? not really similar

think you’re overthinking it

might be a bit weird to do it with exactly the same colour scheme and accessories etc. but if this person isn’t going to see your window seat then what’s the problem? i say go for it


Yes, subject to agreement otherwise. But so what - you’re not going to take Darren to the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court over a shitty picture of a butterfly, are you?