How deep is your need to be the originator of an idea?


But I’m saying that my enjoyment of stuff is always a bit pissed on if I haven’t almost thought of it (a bit) myself


I make everything myself, even my bed is made out of my own hair


Well I know what you’re saying but I mean something you didn’t think of but maybe not original

(I’d like to just say I’ve had a drink in case you think wtf)


Ooh like Alain de bottom says you only get status anxiety with people who are on your level and not out of your league


It’s ok my bed was really made by ikea, and every person is a palimpsest and a product of everything they’ve experienced so any guilt you feel over stealing stuff is just ego, it’s fine.


:smirk: :smirk:


‘just’ ego

JUST ego?




Babe irl that’s most of who I am


Had this thought today! Someone at work smelled amazing and I asked what it is and he said white lenor. How weird will it be if I come to work smelling of white lenor too

  • Bit weird soz
  • It’s ok

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<3 <3


Fuck that
Steal everything


I get really antsy about clothes and the feeling of copying people, but it’s just a bit egotists isn’t it? Nice clothes are nice clothes even if loads of people are wearing them