How devil-may-care or, more accurately, reckless are you? (Now with added Polls)

I just saw a person walking about, large as life, with their coat done up and their earphones in.

Nothing odd thus far, but get this. Wiith the cable of their earphones on the outside of their jacket (blowing about in the wind, mind) and leading into their front jeans pocket.

As we all know, any non-lunatic has their cable inside their jacket (or jumper or tshirt when not wearing a jacket) to avoid it snagging on things. It’s permissible of course to have your cable outside your jacket to a breast pocket on your jacket but any lower and you’re in the realms of the reckless.

If you’re wondering whether I’m right or not then just check the results of this poll below.

  • Obviously I don’t want to snag my earphone cable on things so I very sensibly keep my cable inside my clothing.
  • I’m the sort of person who climbs a mountain for no good reason, possibly even without safety equipment, and think nothing of leaving my cable free to get snagged on anything I get too close to.
  • I don’t have this problem because I switched to Bluetooth earphones but I was always careful with my cable in the past.
  • I switched to Bluetooth earphones, at least partly, because I never had the sense to tuck my cable inside my clothing in the first place

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Time was I’d tuck it in, but I found it would tug inside my jacket and manoeuvre the headphones right out of position.

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If the jacket was already on and zipped up I’d go over. Bluetooth now though

I snag it all the time and get jerked backwards rather unsettlingly but I still never think to tuck it in.

A bit too reckless for someone like @xylo:

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Hate having the wire in my coat. It’s just not good form

  • If I shower in a slippery bathtub I’ll always use a rubber bathmat because otherwise it’s dangerous innit.
  • I don’t even know what slippery is!

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I hasten to add when I have the cable on the outside I am acutely aware of the raised snagging possibility, but sometimes I am frivolous


You lot terrify me. I don’t even know how you’re still alive.


Spoiler: we’re not!

Would quite like to buy one as my housemate uses some kind of product that makes the bath a death trap. It’s a wonder that I haven’t slipped over and broken my neck yet!!!111

I know a girl who, before going to uni, wasn’t allowed to take showers if her mum wasn’t in the house in case she slipped and died.

At last, some sense!

There used to be a messageboard here, many years ago, but it was burned down in the great fire of 2013.

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Personally, I never set foot in a shower unless I’m covered head to toe in cotton wool.

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