How do I display a rota on a whiteboard

It’s basically 5 people taking it in turns to review something as and when they come in at random times.

So I want to show who’s next and possible how many each person has done…

How can I lay this out?

You just put your names there and you can all do a tally beneath them?
Is that not sophisticated enough?

Pie chart

This is now the lunch thread.

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Can you expand on this? I’m confused.

i was going to make a chicken and leek pie yesterday but i didn’t. regretting that decision now though, i’d go a wee bit chicken and leek pie.

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well it’s not a competition, so maybe we don’t have to show how many, shall I just do a list of names and rub the top one out and put it at the bottom? Then I have to move all the names up though. Is there a way where I don’t have to keep moving the names?

Just seems like needless complication to me

A fine pie mix combination there japers.

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Have an arrow next to the name of the person whose turn it is.

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I t ’ s b a s i c a l l y 5 p e o p l e t a k i n g i t i n t u r n s t o r e v i e w s o m e t h i n g a s a n d w h e n t h e y c o m e i n a t r a n d o m t i m e s


really want pie for lunch now

where can i get pie within a 5 minute walk of here please?

This is what I’m doing, thanks everyone

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Something like that?


You’re welcome. £300 please.

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I made a lamb and liver pie using leftover lamb from a roast the other week.

It was a bit of a lie pie as there was no pastry on the sides and bottom, but it was very tasty

There is a shop in brighton that does very good individual pies - but it is too far away from my office to be practical as a lunchtime option

Good luck with your rota - I have nothing useful to contribute though

you’ve got ‘Pie-in-the-Sky’, that’s on third. There’s ‘I Spy a Little Pie’, that’s on thrid too. You’ve got 3POINTONEFOUR that’s…matter of fact, they’re all in the same complex; it’s the pie complex on third


How do I display a roti on a whiteboard.

I’m really hungry.

quite difficult to nail the fully contained “proper” pie. one that’s just a dodd of pastry on the top always goes down well.

It also enabled me to finally use this - which had been sitting a drawer in it’s box for years unused

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