How do I get a job?

Dear DiS,

I am a recent MA English graduate with experience in education, customer service, journalism, PR and marketing, as well as a range of voluntary work - so says my CV.

It has been about 2 months since I finished my masters. I’ve applied to lots, but have had very little response. Is this just the way it is?

I’d quite like to get into communications/PR, but everywhere seems to demand more experience than the little I have, or a specifically relevant degree. How does one overcome this without having to work for nothing?

Also, if anyone wants to indulge in a bit of nepotism by offering me a job, I’m at the point where I’ll do most things.

Yours faithfully,


Try asking John Doran.


i think you might have to work for free i’m afraid :frowning:

Hey, I’m happy to help if I can. I’m a career coach. PM me if you want me to take a look at your CV and for a general chat about what else you can be doing.

2 months is nothing man.

Get on your bike

and become a courier

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Yeah seriously, I had a PhD from Oxford and 6 years relevant industry experience and it still too me 6 months to start a new job when I got made redundant a couple of years back. Apply to everything, the first job can be anything, just as long as it proves you can hold down a job.

Comms/PR seems like a particular rough spot for unpaid work, or at least, long term internships offering nothing but lunch and expenses. Don’t really know how to get round that I’m afraid, unless you can build up some experience doing it through things like volunteering so you have real life projects to show off.

no idea man

apply for a load of random shit is my only advice

you can have my job I’m going to quit soon

Work for ages for free

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I’d agree that it’s going to take a long time and be disheartening - that’s definitely my experience. However, I’d also say keep your mind open and don’t be too restricted by what you think you ‘should’ be doing. I’ve got an awesome job now (not high paying but very interesting and flexible) that I didn’t even know existed as a possibility until I sort of fell into it.

Is your cv and covering letter completely polished? It can make a big difference. Are you tailoring your cv/application/letter for each job to make it clear how you tick off each part of the job description. When you’re going through a stack of cv’s you inevitably find ways to speed things up and presentation and clarity are really important to get you into an interview. Are you getting interviews? If so ask for feedback without being pushy, and have strategies to deal with questions where you might be weak but can turn it to a positive - e.g. Lack of industry knowledge/outside perspective/quick learner/proven to be adaptable etc etc

Good luck!

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Nah, this has none of the hallmarks: pretending to be a second year student, shoehorned in manic street preachers reference etc.


Aye I just did a 6 month stint fs

I started a job straight after uni actually (like the week after my final exam) but quit six months later. Took me 9 months to get another job in the industry I wanted to work in. I actually think a bit of fucking about working bar jobs etc is good for you. Gives you time to think about your next move in a stress free environment, and I actually learned a lot working in pubs (prioritising work, dealing with customers and colleagues etc). It really isn’t a bad thing.


Cover letters are more important than CVs I reckon. Dunno if that’s obvious or not but yeah.

i’ve just got a job today. only lasts 4 weeks though.