How do I get a job?

mine are pretty terrible unless i have any genuine interest in the field in which i’m applying. which 95% of the time i don’t.

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The place where i just got a job is a really friendly, pretty happy place, and part of that is definitely that hiring based on personality is a big part of their hiring personality. I think a cover letter that is very well presented and also shows you’re really interested in the role (even if you aren’t), and motivated, smart etc but also not a total robot goes a really really long way in getting interviews. I was struggling for a while when I moved here, then tinkered with my cover letter, adding and taking away a few bits (particularly adding a few personal touches) and changing the formatting etc and all of a sudden i got offered a (relative) slew of interviews, so yeah…


(hiring policy*)

Not me, but actually I could do with some advice.

I’ve got a part-time job which doesn’t pay much (it’s alright but I spend half the money I make on bloody getting there, so subtracting lunch, coffee and booze, I make no money and am usually flipping broke at the end of the month).

Once I finish my dissertation (currently I’m an “external student” so not actually in Uni) I’ll be able to start looking for full-time work. Nearly there, but doing this job has sort of got in the way of me actually having enough time in the week to get it done, otherwise I probably would’ve finished it weeks ago.

My CV isn’t very shiny. Apart from the degree and this, I’ve done no extra-curricular activities (unless campaigning for Labour counts? But then what if my employer is a Tory?). Seems like even having a degree isn’t enough anymore.

I’m not particularly interested in “money” or “things”. I don’t even know what job I want. I’d just like to be able to rent in a city and have a swanky DiSer lifestyle like the rest of you, instead of living with my parents in the middle of nowhere. That’s my only goal.

Just temp.

As above, cover letter can be more important than CV. The majority of cover letters my company gets don’t even mention the company or what about us appeals to them. Tailoring it is really crucial.

Probably a new series of The Apprentice starting in 10 months.

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Have you mostly been looking at communications and PR stuff? If not it might be an idea to look at office admin roles to keep you going in the meantime.

Unfortunately, this is very much the way it is. I know very few people who’ve managed to go straight from uni to the job they want. But you know, stick with it and keep trying and you will eventually get somewhere. Sounds like you’ve got some good stuff under your belt!

Tailoring my CV to the job/person specification is something I’ve always been told to do, but I think I struggle with it a bit due to everything having to be so succinct and within two pages. It’s much easier to do it on covering letters/applications.

See, this is something that I always try to do on my covering letters. Always research the company and say why the things they are particularly ‘renown’ for resonate with me, etc.

Still nothing.

I find it’s easier to have a massive CV with all details (this was the case anyway when I was an academic, we had academic CVs that were 10 pages long). And then more recently when I switched into the private sector I could just copy and paste the key elements I needed to get it down to 2 sides.

I understand that this is part of the game when applying for jobs but I’ve never been able to understand why.

  • The candidate really doesn’t give a shit about the company.
  • The employer knows the candidate doesn’t give a shit about the company (and doesn’t really give a shit either way, so long as they can do the job.)

Why must we all live this charade from the cradle to the grave?

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Depends how shit and boring your company is, doesn’t it.

German CVs are amazing in this respect. I recently interviewed a guy in his fifties for a short-term technical contract and his CV had the minutiae of every job he’d ever had since he left uni in about 1978.

Didn’t read a word of it.

Recently while I’ve been applying for jobs, my clueless mother suggested making a “special” CV with a “large photo of you smiling”. I’m not sure what kind of jobs she thinks I’m applying for here.

Not really.

Unless you’re applying for a job at NASA, a company is just a company. Of course you can have a more or less interesting role and a more or less appealing working environment within any company and you probably want the one you work for to do reasonably well so they can keep you paying you but other than that who cares?

Haven’t worked for a shitheap elitist profit above all else money grabbing bastard company, and now working for a much nicer and fuzzier one (and finding that the working conditions are correspondingly much nicer): me.



Claim bills and rent on expenses

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It all depends doesn’t it. I’ve been going through CVs the last couple of weeks and looking at who is relatively local and has reasonable salary demands and binning the rest. Then a vague look at qualifications and previous experience. I honestly can’t be fucked to read all that boring shit.

Interviews begin tomorrow!