How do I log out of DiS JUST on my computer?



When I go into my settings the only option is ‘log out all’

Help please, smart clever disers!


Really big magnet.


In my opinion you shouldn’t log out

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When you click on your avatar, down under all the notifications there is a ‘Log Out’ option


Click your wee profile pic and then log out at the bottom of the menu.


how embarrassing :woozy_face:

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Wait, no. It logged me out of my phone too.


That still logged me out of my phone too :frowning:


then how are you posting this??


Omg I don’t know. Maybe I’m from the future?! :eyes:


Throw your computer in a bath of acid

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It was a ruse, you can never log out!!

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I logged out of DiS on my phone once & it never let me log back in again


Just about to sign out of work for the long weekend woop and I am going to have to bloody sign in to my bleedin phone again aren’t I!

please x


There MUST be some kind of setting so logging out of the computer doesn’t also log me out on my phone. MUST be. But I can’t find it.