How do you all feel about non-committal friends?


  • Annoying
  • Only annoying if it affects money or bookings
  • You only worry about booking stuff months in advance and reserving tables in pubs in London

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It me


What … is … “a friend”?


I am very much a non-committal friend, ask me anything!


I’ll let you know closer to the time


What was David Schwimmer like to work with?


I don’t really consider money issues when it comes to friends.
I’m pretty spontaneous most of the time so can seem a bit non-committal but really I think if you value each other enough you’ll make time without needing to book yourselves in 5 years in advance.


My friends are a bit rubbish, like if someone asks me to go to something I will just go to it regardless of my interest because that’s not the point, when I ask friends to things their main criteria is if they want to go, so I just don’t ever ask any more


I voted annoying because I leaned on my laptop, but in reality I don’t actually do any socialising so I suppose I don’t really know? I find it hard to say no to stuff, but don’t really want to do anything most of the time anyway. I don’t think this is the point of the thread. Whatever!


I prevent it from happening through the terms of our “friendship contract”


I’d rather not say


Annoying but I can’t really talk as I am one :pensive: still surprised I get invited to things tbh


Imagine having friends! What an outdated concept.


Is non-committal the same as flakey? Or is a flakey friend a committed friend who cancels a lot?


Probably a bit of overlap, I’d say it’s more someone who just doesn’t make their mind up until the very last possible moment, rather than someone who agrees to something only to cancel at the last moment.


Can i get back to you in like two weeks? Maybe whatsapp me if i havent got back to you by then


Think I’m only flaky with the friends I’m not fussed about.
With the good ones I’m overly eager if anything


It can be saddening but ultimately few people are noncommittal for no reason.

If you’re trying to get Roberto and Isabella booked in as your ‘headline guests’ for that long weekend Lake District cottage in September, you’re gonna have to face the fact that everyone loves Roberto and Isabella and they’ve got multiple invites for things every weekend from now until after Christmas, plus they both work really hard at their vocational jobs which they’re brilliant at and can’t really spare the leave days.

If you’ve got that one mate that keeps cancelling your pub meets last minute, then just accept that they’re dating like a maniac right now and you can still be mates once they’ve collapsed with exhaustion a few months from now.


Fucking hate Roberto and isabella


although i quite fancy isabella