How do you answer the question... "Hey Smee, nice to see you. How's X doing?"

Where X is your partner, child, parent, a mutual acquaintance, whatever really. I never have anything to say about the person in question no matter who they are. Just say “yeah they’re fine” or “Yeah! They’re great!” depending entirely on how I’m feeling at the moment the question is being asked and dependent on them not being perilously ill or something.

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that’s what you are supposed to say anyway

“What’s it to you? Jerkwad”


Meths is good, thanks.

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nobody asking this question wants a full fucking write up. Just a “Fine” will do. The same when someone asks how you are. Nobody wants to hear you warble on about how you’'re really feeling at 8:30am

  • I ask the question “how is X doing?” because I am interested to know how X is doing and am invested in their wellbeing in some way
  • I ask the question “how is X doing?” for a different reason

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Conversations are weird hey? Lots of vague things you have to say to see if it makes anything interesting come to mind.

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I ask this if the conversation is dying and there’s no option to walk away

(I sometimes ask it to indicate how uninterested I am in the wellbeing of the person I’m actually talking to)

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“oh, send my love to name of partner etc

“oh, yeah…no, no I can’t say I will do that, cheers”


I did this once after it was requested. I felt like a character from a book or something.

“My name isn’t Smee.”

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And I don’t come from Wales

I’m not going to Smee the person I’m expected to Smee anymore.


Just another way I can make enough noises in public to seem socially acceptable.

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‘Better than you by the looks of things, fuckface’

this works as a direct response with no context needed

Favourite x

  • Xzibit
  • DMX
  • professor x
  • Other

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terminator x


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