How do you answer the question... "Hey Smee, nice to see you. How's X doing?"

i usually just say how they’re doing. is that bad?


I’ve only seen the first 2


do you really want me to explain it, Cheery?

outstanding way to dump someone, this

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Oh! :shushing_face:

we had some good times, but the time has come to split.

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The Ex, obviously

@eems , please can you let us know how you’re doing in case somebody else asks me?

Chemical X

I’m fine thanks

Glad to hear it chap, happy Thursday

nice to smee you

To Smee you…

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To Smee! To you! To Smee! To you!


Hey dB wow was that just last week? It feels like moons ago. It was nice to see you too

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nice to see Smee, to see Smee!!!..

He got his doctorate but that Action Man is still giving him grief

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