How do you be smiley?

I’m told I don’t smile enough and look much better if I do. But my face just falls naturally into a miserable scowl.

Are there any exercises I could do?

Are you smiley?

I look ridiculous when I smile, people assume I’m miserable because I don’t do it by default.

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it’s actually loads of effort to lift my cheeks into a smile.


I have a naturally sunny disposition. Think that helps.

I’m totally screwed then.

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If cinema has taught me anything it’s that you should fall into a vat of dodgy looking chemicals in the sinister plant just outside the city.


I’m a little worried that I’ve lost the ability to be expressive with my face.

There was a kid at school a few years below who couldn’t not smile, his face was permanently smiling even if he was pissed off (which he inevitably was as someone would be shouting “OY SMILEY!” at him all the time)

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I can be like this some days

Cracking a smile is nigh on impossible. I think I’m doing it, facial muscles working overtime, check the pose in the lift mirror and I just have a sarcastic look on my face.

Anyone ever shouted “OY SMILEY” at you?

I’ve had a few aggressive “what’re you laughing at?!”
The answer as ever is life, friend. Hahahaha. Life.

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I know that game…

i hate my smile, its not great and for years I hated my teeth and now I’ve got braces so I end up doing this weird smirk. The amount of times I’ve had people say “wait! I’ve got to take that photo again, witches wasn’t smiling” … i was fucking smiling, I’m sorry it doesn’t meet your standards of how a smile should be, fuck off! This is only with photos though, I think generally I don’t look too angry or grumpy? Maybe just a bit gormless. I’m sure you look lovely just the way you are, it’s pretty annoying having someone say you look better when you smile, surely it would be better to have said that you have a nice smile, full stop.


Think my face defaults to looking confused and tired. Which is pretty accurate tbf.

I smile or laugh when I’m uncomfortable which means I’ve gotten into trouble for smiling and laughing and some very inappropriate things. Ooops

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I tried smiling politely at an old lady while I was running a couple of weeks ago and a bit of spit came out and dribbled down my chin


Yes, this! Why do people insist on grins in photos??

I love you

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