How do you become a cool DiSer?


I want to be more hands-on but I can’t engage with most of the threads they just seem really specific and not meant for me.

Maybe a good resolution for next year.


Pretty sure none of us are, or ever have been, cool.


some of us are just born with it, m8


subscribe to all my posts, man. quickest way to learn.


That’s definitely not true, there are some really cool people on here. Genuinely.


I guess there can only be one Balonz :frowning:


I’m ok with not being cool. think there are a few really really cool ones on here. :kissing_closed_eyes:


Actually the answer is get some alpacas, isn’t it? They’re really cool.



Yeah but you are one of the cool ones.


Such a weird concept, it’s definitely a thing but what actually is it


Well whe I say cool I just mean people I admire, which might not be the strict definition of cool I guess


Oh, yeah that’s quite different. Find plenty of people admirable who aren’t cool (and vice versa).


you’re already an iconic diser imo




heard some whispering that Balonz is past it anyway


as are you


alright, gaga


Very true!!!


thanks and you x
briefly thought this was a reply to my other post and you were calling me past it