How do you [BLANK] without [BLANK]?


This is a thread to provide solutions to your fellow community members who need to do a thing without one of the key things involved in doing that thing.

In this case the query is “How do you iron a shirt without an ironing board?”



Use the floor.

Or kitchen work surface


Hang it in the bathroom, turn the shower on super hot, amd shut the bathroom door.


Wear a jumper over it, or a different shirt which doesn’t require ironing.


Buy an identical shirt


This is my favourite solution so far, does it work?


As an aside, it really irks me that in this day and age, clothes are still being produced which require ironing. Bizarrely, the more expensive the shirt, the more likely it is you’ll need to iron it.


put a jumper over the shirt


It’s done ‘good-enough’ for me in the past but it’s not going to be as good as iron + board.


I have actually used this solution when on holiday and clothes have become creased in my bag. It’s not perfect, but they look reasonably presentable after.



How do you grill sausages without setting off my piece of crap smoke alarm?


Get yourself a gf


Please don’t do this ffs


Just lay a towel down on the floor and away you go


Why not?


On a towel on a table or the floor.


Platicniki levels of environmental dgaf


I would also be having a shower at the time


You could just wear the shirt while showering?