How do you [BLANK] without [BLANK]?


It would get too wet and I wouldn’t get clean enough. Cheers though.


Accept that the fire alarm is only looking out for you and embrace the noise. My fire alarm has never gone off, never. It makes me a bit concerned it doesn’t work. Yet it did that thing where the battery runs out it beeps constantly. We don’t have a ladder and the tall bf wasn’t here to change it. I had to drag the living room table though to the hallway and put a chair on top of that. And then tip toe it.

Alternatively you could adopt a wafting system. Wife wafts whilst you tend to the sausages.


The wife gets proper irate with it. You cant dry fry or grill anything without it going off 10 times. Ended up having undercooked sausages this morning coz i cba dealing with it anymore. A sorry state of affairs.


Put the shirt on, then iron it! Easy!


People dont really need to iron things tbh


I agree. The only thing this doesn’t apply to is fucking shirts which are still deemed necessary in 2018 for some inexplicable reason.


I dont own a single white shirt and I’m quite happy about it.


Buy an ironing board.


what colours DO you own?


Black, forest green, various plaid


been a bit on the fence about black shirts for years. loved em. then hated them. now really want one again but unsure if i can pull it off


IBused to put a towel down on the bed (covers pulled back). I mean, I’ve only ironed a few times in my life so I’m no expert.


I like them but need to shift some beer belly before I can even think about wearing any of mine


Get a shower cap to pop over the alarm whilst cooking


I’ve got a beautiful black shirt with glittery buttons, a hang glider collar and a cigar embroidered on the breast.


oh shit. that’s pretty intense. you need a gretsch


I really feel like you get me sometimes xylo


guitar love is a unifier, there’s no denying it


Ironing is the worst chore. I hate it and im bad at it so I just wear jumpers. Always fun in summer


You know those blue shoe covers you see in hospitals or swimming pools? Buy a dirt cheap packet of them and pop one over the smoke alarm when grilling. We had to do that in our flat where the smoke alarm was literally less than a metre from the oven.