How do you block someone then?



@1101010 @plasticniki


don’t think you can block, but you can mute them in your settings


Yeah, final box on your settings.

I should warn you that it hasn’t worked for me. Maybe it’s because I’m Level 4 :frowning:


Don’t block me, japesy.

I can get better.


doesn’t work



These are just words.


I would never block you saps :heart:


I want to mute people but I want it to hurt them. Can they see I’ve muted them or do I have to make a big announcement?


Can you actually block someone? I think you can stop them from appearing in your notifications if they reply to you / mention you (which seems to work), but I don’t think you can stop seeing people altogether.


Will someone know if I’ve muted them or do I need to announce it to have an impact?


I’ll tidy up after myself.

I’ll change my clothes more often.

I’ll shake the crumbs out of my beard.

I’ll stop that whistling thing I do.


oh right. is that what it does?

I thought maybe it hid their posts but not their replies or something idk


Who are the mods now?




We’re all the mods now.


see this:


There’s only two? What happened to everyone’s favourite poster Fidel?


The Discourse option that sean’s gone with only allows for five staff members and that’s how they’ve been divided between mods and admins.


Poor fidel.


mute doesn’t really do anything does it? ooh no notifications, big deal.