How do you cook your sausages?

  • Oven
  • Frying/griddle pan
  • Grill
  • Air fryer
  • Other (SPECIFY!)

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Either oven or hob depending on what mood I’m in or how much time I’ve got

Square - fry
Links - usually oven
Richmond’s - grill


Oven is the only way to get truly even coverage.


Least fuss and mess as well.


I’ll ideally fry them, but I often find that I’m cooking sausages from frozen and the easiest way to do that is to chuck the big frozen oblong of mashed meat in the oven

Love a grilled sausage but I ninja all mine now

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I bet you do, you dirty old bollocks.


Exactly. Chuck a bit of foil on the tray and there’s 0 washing up involved.

Oven normally, easiest. Probably the least nicest of the options but I’m lazy.

In the pan if I am doing other frying or if I feel like treating myself. Definitely the tastiest

They will be Richmonds, ideally


Grill so you get the maillard reaction.

I’m distrustful of grey sausages that have been oven cooked.

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Mostly oven, but I’m also fond of the microwave then barbecue method (weather dependent)

I like mine with a hug.

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Honestly most veggie ones (at least the fake meat, vegetable rectangles are a free for all) have a weird skin on to try and ape the real ones that come off far too easily unless you fry them. Actually oven’s fine too, but who wants to oven their breakfast.

Right now I reckon it’s the most expensive method though, gas hob vs fan oven. Otherwise I would likely use the oven for the ease (although not for veggie sausages as they only take a few mins).

richmonds meat free in a frying pan please thank you


Whatever takes my fancy, and it depends how I’m cooking them. Toad or in blankets - oven, stews - fry, I seldom grill them, in fact most of the sausages I eat, I cook on the BBQ. They’re an easy thing to throw on at the end once it’s dying down, and just leave to slowly roast in there and be yummy.


Air frying them is really easy, great browning. Cheap on fuel, fast, low effort

Clearly the best