How do you cool down

I like running my wrists under the cold tap and/or eating an ice pop.


Bottle of ice under the knees is a good one

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sometimes I will wear less clothes


I’ve got a cooling mat now, like some kind of snake.

Also my “air conditioner” that’s essentially a fan with some cold water to blow over.

I’m on about six Mr Freeze ice pop triangle things a day

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This is so rarely a problem for me. Swap my usual long sleeves for a tshirt i guess.

Back of the neck works for me

Technically speaking, “doctor”, that’s the opposite of what snakes have :nerd_face:

What about when it’s too hot for them though

Never dawned on me to do this

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I live in Scotland


It’s almost never too hot for them
You’re thinking of animals covered in “fur”, such as “dogs”, “cats”, or “rodents”

Alright, no need to brag

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cold shower
sit in front of a fan

No, I’m thinking of “global catastrophic climate change”, ACTUALLY

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I am near enough always too fucking hot
My windows never really get shut, I’m forever having cold showers and I’ve overused my fan to the point that when I put it on now it smells like burning

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Put on my Aviators, brush my hair back, and catch my reflection in a mirror.

Pretty pretty preeeeetty cool.


Go nude
Or strip down a bit at least

When I worked in the pet shop, it was this weird, like… I dunno how to explain it. The building was made out of the same stuff that warehouses are, so in summer it was BOILING and they didn’t give us fans cause they were like “we’re environmentally conscious :slight_smile:” and we were like okay that’s good but we have to bring a spare set of uniform in cause we sweat through it so they said “have some ice lollies that are suitable for dogs :slight_smile:” and we asked again if we could have just one fan by the till and they said “no :heart:


I am quite reptilian and don’t get hot too easily. If I do get too hot i just wear short pyjamas instead of long pyjamas to sleep, wear thinner clothes or shorter lengths. Closing the curtains helps and also drinking cold water. Only ever need to do a cold shower when its 30+, below that I’m alright with a hot one