How do you cut your sandwich?

Kirk Van Houten aside I’m very interested.

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Oh I’m the weirdo by the by, in this life and next.


The Orchard Diagonal:

All the benefits of the classic and the new classic with none of the downsides


New Classic or Weirdo, depending on filling.

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The weirdo but the new classic on special occasions or if I’m feeling fancy

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Weirdo, obviously


normally the Weirdo, sometimes the New Classic

but i feel certain that the Weirdo and the Classic there are the wrong way round. i’ve never seen anyone do the supposed Classic in my life?


The Dignified, without fail

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Classic is diagonal surely. I’ll be honest smickers I think parts of this were designed for engagement and not accuracy.


Not a classic sandwich cut, but a classic sandwich cut post from @keith that needs to be given its dues here.


Usually the Classic way. But I got absolutely fucking pilloried for it on here, so I don’t even know how I cut my sandwich these days.

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If it’s a filling that lines up adjacently eg sausages then weirdo is the easiest way. If it’s something that covers the whole of the bread eg cheese or ham then new classic every time.

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I’ll be honest with you guys because you deserve the truth, I very rarely cut my sandwiches at all.


I haven’t eaten a sandwich for many years as i am not on bread-book, but weirdo usually.

Classic and debutante don’t exist.

What’s going on with the lines in the socialite, are they supposed to not be at 90 degrees?

It’s missing small triangles, like new classic but in half again, unless that was what digified was before they added the scribble

it’s dignity, froglet

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I’m not entirely sure that Ruffers hasn’t mocked these up himself, just so he can take the piss out of us.


I wouldn’t know

With a knife

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isn’t it interesting that diagnonal (or New Classic) is seen as the more respectable sandwich cutting, the way you’d cut them for guests for example, and standard level supermarket sandwiches follow suit. but when you go up a tier, to Tesco Finest sandwiches for example, with all the fancier fillings - they’re all cut in the Weirdo fashion like you’d do at home?

no need for any pretensions when you’ve got top quality fillings in there i guess.

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*with ten thousand spoons