How do you define classy?

If someone were to say, for example, that the member @aboynamedhoogie was a “class act”, what gauge would you use to decide whether or not that is in fact the case.

I will start: Picking your nose and eating it in public is not classy (only at home)

“What class are you in?”

“Oh, class E”

“Are you chewing boy? Well I hope you have enough for all the class!”

This is a good thread people, come on

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“My other thread is a porsche” - Bumper sticker (not classy)

Well this is my thread now, my thread for having fun

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The sun is shining on me through the window, but I’m still wearing my cardigan. Shall I take it off?

  • Yes, now
  • Yes, soon
  • No, the sun will move on eventually
  • No, retain the heat, embrace the sweat

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I took it off

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My headphones are starting to look a bit old, I hope people aren’t judging me for the bits where the coating’s come off

When someone starts a terrible thread but I try and go along with it rather than replying with “FOR FUCKS SAKES M[REDACTED]M WHAT FRESH SHIT IS THIS??”

It’s because I am one class act.



I am in need of some new interesting podcasts or maybe an audiobook idk


  • Class act
  • Super class act
  • Class act on the surface, monster right underneath. If he were my headphones you’d see the monster bit

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This is the most replies I’ve had for one of my threads in ages!


kind with understated pizzazz (za) maybe goes above and beyond for friends???

heres another one if you want it x

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In my opinion, “classy” can be defined as that special something that you just can’t quite put your finger on that makes a person or thing a real class act.

Thank you!

This is such a cop out, certainly not what I expect from a user of such calibre as @Antpocalypsehoogie

It’s a nebulous concept.

(Using words like “nebulous” is very classy)