How do you divvy up the chores in your household?

I’m talking who does what and in what proportions.

I do all of it with the exception of the infinitesimally small task of loading the washing machine (I hang the laundry once it’s done) which I am under strict instructions to never do.

I meant to say in the OP, if you live alone and feel excluded by this thread then take consolation that you’re living alone which is the best way to live.

i live by myself


i do everything, bar about 40% of the laundry and putting the bins out onto the street. paying £50p/w to live with my parents and it’s a fucking outrage (i buy my own food, too). absolutely exhausting and means i can’t work more hours.

I basically do everything - cooking, cleaning, washing up, laundry, bins. My partner does the kids, the shopping and organising stuff like Christmas, birthdays, days out etc.

I do cooking, washing up/dishwasher, washing of clothes (upto but not including putting away), bins, lawn, some other shit that I can’t think of.

Wife does hoovering, cleaning of bathroom and kitchen, dusting, that sort of shit.

Child related chores are shared.

yeah this needs sorting in our house

I do most things and the things I don’t do I actually have to ask my bf to do, he does it but it’s annoying having to ask

If he doesn’t get his act together I’m leaving the cunt

I do most cooking, most washing up, dusting and hoovering, take the bins out and change the bed sheets.

Woman does most laundry related tasks and cleans the kitchen and bathroom and usually does the shopping.

Welcome to the new forum, Elaina! I totally get the reference in your avatar.

I do everything except bins and mowing the lawn/washing the cars. He has recently had to start doing school breakfast club drop offs and some pick ups and is moaning like hell about it, mainly as he expects the kids to be sat waiting and ready at the door when he wants to leave despite me telling him how for the last 6 years every morning is a never ending cycle of me telling them to do basic getting ready to leave the house type tasks and then getting distracted.

I do pretty much all the cooking, cleaning, washing up, gardening, taking bins out.

She does most laundry (though I usually hang clothes to dry), and deals with bills and stuff.

We’ve been trying out a cleaner for the past month, makes a bit of a difference but not sure if we’ll carry on with it.

Each weekend we hold a mini boardgame tournament to determine who will be responsible for what chore that week. Agricola for the garden, Game of Thrones for the bathroom, Food Chain Magnate for the kitchen surfaces, etc.

all data is pre-baby. First column me, second column her.

Cooking: 60/40
Shopping: 60/40
Dishes, day to day kitchen cleaning: 75/25
Bins/recycling: 100/0
Laundry: 10/90
Cleaning bathroom: 0/100
Sweeping/mopping: 50/50
Tidying: 50/50

and there was me thinking that living alone was the best way to live

I’d like to see all of the partners’ responses to this question, to see how they match up


just do whatever whenever anyone wants to

it works sometimes, mostly it’s a horrible mess

I do almost everything here. Two housemates pitch in now and then but it’s not often. Boils my blood at times tbh.

We’ll do the washing up together and then everything else is taken in turn. I do the kitchen bin, she does the recycling.

We all let the place go to shit, suddenly have a shared existential crises and do a deep clean approx once a fortnight (unfortunately it’s usually a thursday night or something which inevitably means by monday the place is fucked again bd)