How do you feel about going for groupon/voucher based meal dinners?

like you’ve bought this voucher for 3 courses for £35 wherever.

My dad is very anti this as he thinks you will get given the scraping from the bin or a side of flob with it. Is he nuts?
(The answer is almost definitely yes anyway but on this specific subject)

It’s a sensible and fine thing to do

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someone I worked with was really into this which meant she basically exclusively ate at Nandos. Used to poke fun at her about it, was pretty great.

its fine, you’ll get the same level of service. The place is trying to drum up business. either you’ll return or tell your friends how great it is and they’ll go.

Having been on the other side of it it’s fine if you buy additional items (bottle of wine etc) but otherwise the venues make absolutely nothing and sometimes even lose out.

Never heard of a nandos voucher/groupon thing.

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I think that is part of his theory about it. Because he thinks they’re not making money, they’re not going to be giving the best stuff out to the voucher people.
He’s not tight btw, he just got a voucher as a gift and refuses to use it.

Do you have to present the voucher before you eat at this place?

We usually do it at the end, when we pay.

How would they know you have a voucher until you pay?

do they know you’re a voucher pleb before you order?

edit: i see this has been covered

is the voucher for le tournoi?

i got a £20 voucher for wagamama at christmas. still haven’t used it.

I’ve got a £50 voucher for a bunch of rubbish local restaurants to use up. Going to spend it on wine.

most restaurants don’t make any money from food anyway

It’s all about the merch nowadays. At least in Europe.

Angela’s Merch Stall? Sorry.


Fucking hell.


We’ve missed him.

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I think you have to let them know you’re coming with the voucher