How do you feel about people using the wrong names for a meal?

OK 2 examples from my real life:

My Mum will always say she’s making spaghetti bolognese when actually she’s making rice with mince in a tomato sauce. Like wtf? That’s not spaghetti bolognese. Claims that it doens’t make enough of a difference to change the name of the meal. BOLLOCKS.

My wife says she’s making shepherds pie and then turns out it doesn’t have any lamb in it but is random vegetables in a tomato sauce with mash on top, or maybe even spiced lentils with mash on top. Makes a mockery of the distinction between shepherds pie and cottage pie for starters. CODSWALLOP.

Very strongly indeed. Not on, is it?


First example: In full agreement with you

Second example: My family has a history of saying shepherd’s pie instead of cottage pie so I can’t really get involved


I agree with Ant

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The first one is obv unacceptable. I mean that’s basically chilli con carne but without the chilli, right?

The second one: they’re basically the same and everyone knows what you mean so it’s fine imho, but you should probably say “veggie shepherd’s pie”


why do this though

Can happen to anyone, just let it slide and forget it ever happened I reckon (this applies for all food-based slip-ups tbh)

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Dunno mate, I’ll text my Mum right now to ask


was all ready to tell you how much i don’t care but i’m fuming at that first example


I call muesli egg on toast.


I’m willing to accept this post in it’s entirety with the strict inclusion of the “veggie” prefix clause

thought this was going to be about people calling lunch ‘dinner’ and dinner ‘tea’ or whatever the fuck else people call meals at set times

Anyone fancy derailing this with cultural appropriation chat?

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People who call tortilla chips ‘nachos’

I reckon some people who make shepherd’s pie don’t even work in a rural setting.


Imagine being a child and spaghetti bolognese being your favourite meal and ending up with that in front of you at the end of the day :slight_frown:


my mum does this with chili:

‘smells good, whats a cookin’?’

look forward to having chili and then turns out its a fucking vegetable chili.

hmm. might be ok with this. she didn’t say chilli con carne afterall



She’s blaming her Mum