How do you feel about... rectangular pizzas?



Last night I purchased a pizza from the Coop.

It was rectangular.

This allowed me to easily attach it to the bungee strap things on my bag and cycle home:

It was very tasty. If fit easily onto a baking sheet (yes I am one of those people who still uses one for pizzas), and it was easy to cut. Therefore I am down with rectangular pizzas.

How do you feel?


Those co-op pizzas are great :thumbsup:


Forgot to say, this is the first in a weekly series of “how do you feel about…”


It was excellent. I am also now a Coop member so win-win.


No strong feelings either way, tbqfh.

I remember my mum used to get this really thin rectangular pizza from Tesco? M&S? and it was phenomenal.


Any decent local charity for your 1%?


Think I prefer round marginally but I feel fine about rectangular pizzas. Have eaten them in the past and am likely to eat more in the future. Thanks for asking


Also, Co-op luxury pizzas are absolutely top of the bumweepocalypse scales for me. The £1.50 ones from Iceland are the safest (presumably the synthetic cheese analogue they use has never seen the inside of a cow).

Thought you’d all like to know that.


All my plates are round.


fuck off have you made a pizza thread about cycling

you sicken me


Does this mean you only eat round foods?


how do you feel about… spherical cows?


That’s no way to talk about [diser]'s mum


I live on a diet of meatballs and peas.


Bloody loads of them (I picked one which helps homeless people)!!!


So long as it’s cut into triangles, triangular food tastes better


How do you feel about samosas?


I like them when it’s some non brand in a London newsagent oozing death, the m&ms ones that seem like they might be actually healthy not so much


My go-to rubbish takeaway pizza is Presto, who serve square pizzas. The reasons I’ve settle for this are numerous and boil down to the fact that:

  • everywhere else in town that delivers is rubbish/expensive/take ages and there are no decent stone baked places that I know of
  • They have the medium pizza/4wings/can offer cheaper than their competitors
  • Most importantly: a square pizza has about 27% more pizza than the same diameter circular pizza